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Monthly Archive: September 2017

5 Secrets To Looking Great In A T-Shirt

People will always think that wearing a t-shirt is as simple as picking it, putting it over your head, throwing your arms right in and pulling it down. It is more than that; it is about looking amazing in as much as it is simple. It is about wearing it right. Here are 5 Tips To Help You Look Breathtaking In A T-Shirt :

Make Sure It’s A Brilliant Color

Never ignore what color can bring to your overall look. Picking the right color can take your looks from average to the best. When choosing the right colors to wear, choose the colors that will complement your skin tone. There are neutral colors that you can never go wrong with like black, white, gray, brown, and the likes. There are also the bold and bright colors like purple, yellow, green, orange, red, and so on. They are risky colors, but when they are worn with the right bottoms, they are exquisite.

Is It Your Perfect Fit?

There is nothing more beautiful than a t-shirt that fits just right. This will show the shape of your body. Here is what you should look out for: a shirt that fits perfectly over your shoulders. The sleeves should be tight enough not to choke your arms but to flatter it. The length should be enough to ensure you can tuck it in your trouser comfortably. The stomach region should be fitting excellently. Not too loose and either too tight to expose every detail like your belly button. Having all these guidelines, ensure that the shirt you pick does not restrict your movements and that it is comfortable.

The Style

When it comes to style, we majorly look at the neck of the t-shirt. Is it a v-neck or a crew neck? These two types of neck designs are the most flexible. Wear a crew neck if you have small chest because they are excellent at depicting broader shoulders. The v-neck is perfect if you are shorter or have a long neck. When rocking t-shirts, you do not have to tuck it in and especially with a nice pair of jeans.

What If It Is Customized?

When wearing a customized t-shirt, look for a t-shirt that communicates your personality. We are living in an era where customized t-shirts are becoming an ‘in-thing’ and if you want to join the trend, always go for something that is classy and sophisticated. Look for a design that is not overcrowded by information. Keep it simple and ensure that everything on the t-shirt is flowing and all details available as well. Keep it simple.

The Fabric Used

Fabrics can make a statement about a t-shirt. Therefore, always be mindful of the fabric. The most recommended material is always pure cotton, but blended cotton can also work. Other than these, there are also other materials that you can explore like jersey, bamboo, and the likes.

Wearing a t-shirt calls for keenness. It also calls for a sense of style and elegance. Above everything else, you should know the occasions that are befitting to wear t-shirts. In as much as you will look great using these tips, you have to look great at the right places.

4 Tips On Wearing Your Shirt Untucked

Many people love to wear their shirts untucked failing to know that the way you do it will either make you look excellent or shaggy. To achieve the excellent look, you have to master a few tips and tricks and have them at the tips of your fingers. Here are 4 tips to wear your shirt untucked like a pro:

  1. Get The Perfect Length

Length is very vital when discussing whether to wear your shirt when it is tucked, or untucked. When you are wearing the shirt untucked, ensure that the length does not go below your hip bones, and neither should it be the length of a t-shirt. It should just be optimal for excellence. An excellent and optimal length will give you a neat, stylish and classic look. This will also ensure that your belt does not show. If it shows, then you are putting n a shirt with excellent length. Everything will flow excellently with your dress code making you look like a pro when it comes to styling your look.

  1. Unbuttoning Your Shirt

Many people will always go for the unbuttoned look. It has been there since time immemorial, and it still trends. It is a great tip, but when done wrong, the whole look will backfire. Never show too much man cleavage; let not your chest hair show. We are not in the 80’s. To look elegant, stylish and sophisticated, you have to unbutton to the right length. When you unbutton the right way, you will enhance that wonderful casual vibe that comes with unbuttoning. It will also complement your look and give you a perfect finish.

  1. Layering

You can pair up your shirt with a nice v-neck sweater or with a jacket. When you wear the shirt with a jacket, always watch out for its length. It should not hang below your jacket rather it should be an inch shorter so that you can have a neat finish and outlook. This look is sleek and gorgeous. When it hangs below the jacket, it will look shaggy rather than edgy. When you pair it up with a chic jacket for that formal look, your sense of style will be something worth copying by your mates.

  1. Only Curved Bottom Shirts Work

There is nothing worse than an untucked square bottom shirt. Therefore, keep it tucked up if it is a square bottom shirt. This kind of design does not flatter your look, and it is very awkward. It is also a design that is very outdated therefore do not expect to look good and trendy when you wear them untucked. Only curves bottom shirts work excellently when you want to rock that untucked shirt look.

With these awesome tips for wearing an untucked shirt, you will look like a fashion and style genius. We live in an era where you cannot afford to look anything less that stylish and these tips will help you achieve this status. .

A Guide to Perfect Pant and Shirt Combination

The first thing that most of the women notice about men is their dressing sense. Men with an interesting dressing sense are always a delight. To take your style game to the next level here is a complete guide to the perfect pant and shirt combination you must choose!

Play The Color Game Right

Choosing the right color shirt for a pant is dressing up half done! If you match a bad pair of shirt and pant then nothing will help to lift your style game up. You can usually team up at least 4-5 shirts for any given pant. The most opted color for bottoms are the shades of blue, black, khaki and grey. They are the perfect colors if you want to play safe. If you like to experiment then you can also go for brighter shades like red, purple and yellow.

You can wear any random color shirt with a perfect black tone pants. Choose dark colors like navy blue, purple, red, and maroon for a grey or khaki pants. You can wear lighter shades of green, yellow, beige and pink with blue pants. A plain white shirt is the best choice for any bright shade pants.

Matching The Prints And Patterns

Classics like a multi color checkered shirt, a plain white shirt, a plain black shirt, a denim shirt are a must have in your wardrobe. Your outfit must not have too much or too little of prints. A monotony of plain shirts and pants will bring in boredom. So you must definitely add the right amount of classy or funky patterns depending on the occasions.

Stripes and checks are the top choice for an office look. Make sure only either of your pant or shirt will have a pattern. You might need some extra oz of confidence to carry a striped pant look. For informal events you can try different types of prints trending in the market. If you have a soft corner for traditional kurtis then do not miss to try the kalamkari and bandhni prints.

Fabric Care For Comfort

Never compromise with your comfort to stay in the trend game. Trends will change very often so comfort is what you should primarily stick to. By trying different kinds of fabrics you will know which one is best for you. You can add the best ones to your priority list. The same goes with the design of your shirts and pants.

And also you need to keep in mind that all types of shirt fabrics will not suit with every fabric pant. Usually a denim pant is the most versatile one. You can team it up with cotton, linen, denim or any other type of shirt. Khakis pants look the best with cotton or mixed woolen shirts. Linen pants and linen shirts make a great pair especially for parties and functions.

Men these days are shattering the myth which said only women are shopaholics and tend to worry about their looks. Add few more great combinations to your closet by following the above article!

Most Popular Shirt Trends of 2017

With the change of every season; styles, designs and trends also change. And everyone likes to be updated with the ongoing fashion trends. They always want to put the best trendy clothes in their wardrobe. Everyone is fond of wearing shirts, and the trend setters have made these design trends more bold and daring. Some shirt designs and some colours are always classic in nature, which remains in fashion for long; years long. And some designs get very popular, but when the season ends, it goes out of fashion very quickly. These designs come in Fads category.

Regular Fit/ Slim Fit/ Modern Fit : The shirts are bought in normally regular and slim fit, but slim fit has really taken up over regular fit this year 2017. Very less people buy modern fit. Slim fit shirts display the muscular structure of the body, making a guy look more handsome at various events; be it a casual meeting with friends, or maybe and official meeting with any client or while going out to a happening club to party. So these shirts are really in this year.

Decorative Weaves in Different Fabrics : Lots of different types of weaving have started in shirts giving it a creative and a decorative look. Self-designs are getting constructed using various weaves, which is going good in fashion. Some of the commonly used weaves are twill, plain, hopsacks, herringbone, etc. The look of the shirt is quite exquisite, premium and heavy. Therefore the self-designed shirts are selling in good numbers and are available in many colours and in many different fabrics in the market. Some of these fabrics are: broadcloth- poplin, twill, pinpoints oxford, chambray, denim, dobby, end-on end broadcloths, flannel, melange, etc. these are some of the fabrics that are quite in this season.

Components : Shirts components like drop collar, patch pockets, button down collars, curved hemlines, etc. are really the elements that are being played around by the people giving a classic look to the shirt.The shirts can be constructed in various styles, with a mandarin collar or with a stand collar, with a yoke at the back or without the yoke. Therefore, these components/ styling are key elements and are moving in good numbers in the market. People have started experimenting on their shirts to start up or match up with the new on-going trends.

Styling : A normal shirt can be worn in many different styles, this we have seen this year on many people walking around us and it looks amazing. Tucking a button of the shirt down the denims, flapping one end outside, dropping a little down from one shoulder; tucked in that way, folding of cuffs and sleeves, therefore lot of these custom styling can be done by the wearer, but the same should look good. We have always seen people wearing it in a regular style earlier, but now people have brought an innovative styling in shirts. This we have just seen in 2017.

Therefore, these are the various popular shirt styles that are going trendy in the market and are attracting more people to get trendy this year.

Colors That Look Great When Paired With Brown Pants

Brown is the trendiest in-season color right now. Try a completely new and classy look by adding some brown shades to your closet. It can be as versatile as black when it comes to pairing up. Here is a guide to find the perfect pair for your brown pants!

Red And Oranges

You must be surprised at my very first suggestion! But you read it right, red and brown can be a quirky combination to team up with brown for informal events. Color play can be simplest thing if you understand how to add just the right amount of any shade to your attire.

Red and oranges run along one after the other in the color palette. Light shades of red and oranges will make a great match for dark browns. Similarly the darker shades of red and oranges can be teamed up with shades close to beige (pale brown). I recommend to go for matte look fabrics rather than the shiny or silky ones when choosing these bright colors.

Yellow And Greens

A pant or a skirt with the darkest shade of brown is a must have in your closet this season. If you have a skirt then try to look for pastel shades yellow or green tops. Detailings like minimal embroidery, tying threads or deep back cuts will add elegance to the look.

You can also choose a formal shirt in the pastel shade to wear with the brown pants for official events. You can easily carry this look through your work routine. Stay away from fluorescent or brighter shades of yellow and greens for formal wears.

White And Creams

White tops dilutes will with any color bottoms. You can find a wide variations in the types of white shirts you can buy. All of them will fit perfectly well with brown pants. Be it party, office event, or date nights a classy white shirt and a brown pant will be an instant hit.

Cream colored tops will mostly go well for all the women out there. If you can pull up the charm and carry it off with great confidence men can also take a chance. Experimenting with your closet is definitely a fun thing to do.

Last But Not The Least, Beige And Browns!

You can also team up with different shades of brown itself with a brown pant. This can be risky but totally worth it if you get the look right. Make sure that you do not make the whole affair an overdose of brown.

Beige will look great with dark shades of brown. If you have a dark brown shirt then look for beige shade bottoms. Keep the color intensity minimal for this combination to put together a perfect look.

At the end of the day, all of it comes down to how well you will carry the entire look. Wear your confidence like a crown and flaunt the new shades in your wardrobe!