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Daily Archive: February 18, 2018

Children’s Dresses for Birthday Parties

Planning your child’s birthday? Well, a lot could go wrong, a lot could also go as perfectly planned. One thing you would definitely want to get right is the dress your princess should wear to the occasion.

Growing up, children come to look-up to some of their heroes growing up. Unbelievably, fairy tales have a way with kids. To them, the world is a place of wonder and magic, hence, the need to relate to the happily ever after tales.

Their inspiration is usually sourced from animated movies like Frozen, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Notice anything similar with these movies? Well, let’s just say that the white dress ensemble is found in each of these movies. Oh, and who can forget the infectious tunes on them? No one! Your loved one has probably sang herself silly multiple time in front of the mirror singing “Let it Go” about a gazillion times now.

Occasions to Dress Up

Pretty dresses on birthdays are quint-essential. Every girl in the world wants to feel special, just like her favorite animated characters. You should go all the way during such occasions. There’s no harm in adding a couple of extras like a crown and braids to go with the look.

Weddings are special too; young girls fantasize about prince charming stories from a young age. They dream about everything, and truthfully, they have every right to. A brightly colored dress should do for such occasions, that way; they will stand out and feel the occasion suits them. Beautiful children’s dresses can also be ordered from other countries, such as Brazil for example. They create wonderful dresses for the first anniversary – they say vestido de luxo infantil – and you can buy online quickly and easily. Other example? Look this.

vestido infantil de festa

Baby girl dresses for first birthday

Graduation parties and family outings usually involve lots of walking at times. Thus, you should think about the kind of dresses your loved ones should wear. A long dress could hinder their relatively constant motion during such times. No one wants a young girl tripping over and injuring herself at any time really. Oh, and the drama that might ensue! A definite no, no really. Children naturally tend to want to run about and play all sorts of games with other children, thus, it would be advisable to bring on board a dress that allows them to flex.

The Where and How to Buy Dresses

It’s the new age. The internet is all the rage these days. Thus, we would recommend you checking out a couple of online sellers before making a purchase. It’s easier actually, since you can simply flip out your mobile device and have a look at what items are on offer.

As with all things on the internet, we would caution you to be careful on which websites to buy from. There are lots of cons out there masquerading as reliable, even when they are not. You should probably go for a website whose delivery and reputation has not been tainted. A good example would be stores like Amazon that offer prompt deliveries.

When making the decision on where to source the dresses, we would recommend choosing a seller who offers a fair price. Fancy dresses are not daily wear and as such, if you could save a little on anything, why wouldn’t you? Then again, a balance should be stricken, fair price for a fairly pretty dress right? Definitely!

A seller’s reputation is everything in the contemporary times. You can check out how other buyers have reviewed items they have purchased online. This can be by having a look at the comments section, the forums and even through word of mouth. Parents love to share tips with other parents and as such, we are certain their word is bond.

Handmade Clothes vs. Industrialized Clothes

What’s the difference really? Well, there’s lots of it. Industrialized clothes obviously have the upper due to automation involved in the production process really. There are industries whose prime focus is to employ people skilled in specific niches of cloth production. This is done to ensure that time is saved and that there is maximum efficiency.

With homemade clothes, it’s usually just an individual going solo. Making the seams, zips, sewing this, adjusting that, everything really. Then again, there is that comfy feeling you get when you adorn homemade garments. Comfortable is an understatement.

So, why would you really pick industrialized clothes over homemade clothes? It’s down to a matter of preference. Industrialized clothes have the allure of having that ‘brand new smell’ and the fine trims further enhance the look. Then again, the crisp look never does last past the first wash does it?

There’s also a considerable advantage of purchasing industrialized clothes due to convenience. Homemade fittings usually take time to make whilst industrialized clothes can be a click away; you know, with all the door-to-door deliveries now possible due to technology enhancement.

We should however point out that all clothes are essentially hand made in a way. It’s just that the location differs, and of course, the expertise employed. Assembling any dress would take ages even in a factory if one person were to do it. However, there’s specialization employed to save resources and time and as such, numerous employees are usually taken on board.

So, what’s it going to be? Homemade or industrial? You decide!

Safety Issues in Children’s Clothing

  1. Flammability

Fire safety is of essence due to its seriousness. Should clothes catch fire instantaneously, they could leave some serious wounds on children’s. You would not want that happening. It is thus important to make sure that clothes you purchase follow the right safety guidelines for children.

  1. Choking Hazards

Children tend to put things in their mouths. It’s part of our hardwired DNA to explore the world when we are young. Thus, you should ensure that their clothes don’t have detachable pieces that could pose a harm to them. The younger children are, the more likely they are to consume almost everything on impulse. In such scenarios, it would be practical to purchase outfits lacking tiny pieces instead of being fashion conscious. Putting your child in harm’s way is not recommended.

  1. Drawstrings

Strangulation hazards are usually in hooded sweatshirts and jackets around the neck regions. It would be advisable not to purchase garments with neck-area drawstrings or simply just removing them from children clothing items.

Parting Shot

Children love to have fun. That should be the paramount consideration when purchasing their dresses. To please your daughter, make sure it is attractive as much as it would, like eye-candy, as a parent, always have in mind the safety precautions to take. A win-win for everyone would be awesome wouldn’t it?