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Babys Dresses for Christmas

Most parents find it fun and exciting to dress their babies during Christmas. Generally, babys dresses for Christmas are lacy, sparkly and colorful. There are lots of baby dresses available in various styles and designs whether offline or online. Before you start shopping for baby dresses, make sure that you obtain the correct measurements of your precious baby. You need to know the weight, length and width to avoid buying the wrong dress and the hassle of exchanging them. Once you have the right size, you can now start searching for cute baby dresses and have fun with it.

The growth of your baby is very fast. That is why it is not advisable to spend lots of money for holiday dresses. Most likely you will buy new ones for Christmas next year. If you are on tight budget, there are many websites that offer dresses for auction. Our favorites are:

Usually, these dresses are only worn once or twice and then parents make them available for auction. During off seasons, there are also garage sales that offer second-hand but still beautiful baby dresses at reasonable price.

Girls dresses for Minnie birthday

Girls dresses for Minnie birthday

Baby girl dress

Baby girl dress

Baby dress for Minnie birthday

Baby dress for Minnie birthday

Minnie Kids Dresses

Minnie Kids Dresses

Baby dresses for Minnie Party

Baby dresses for Minnie Party

Kids dresses

Kids dresses

While shopping for baby dresses, you also need to consider the colors that you want for your little one. The common colors for Christmas include evergreen, deep reds and glittery silvers. Red bow or silver headband can also be added to complete the outfit and make your baby even more attractive. If you will attend Christmas family dinner, it is best to buy alternative holiday outfit just in case you need to change the dress. You can also buy Christmas bib to avoid getting the dress ruined due to food spills or stains.

Looking for attractive babys dresses for Christmas is not that difficult since there are lots of choices available. As long as you know the right clothing size, your baby will surely have fun wearing these dresses.

How To Wear Fashion Trends For Young Girls

Every year, fashion keeps changing while new trends keep coming in the markets which makes all teenage girls to follow these new trends enthusiastically. With new fashion trends that are presented to us by famous fashion designers from different countries around the world. Those fashion trends appear at different fashion shows to make it easy for us to know what to wear.We will guide you an give you some cool ideas for all the teen girls who like to follow the street style fashion.

Little girls birthday dresses

Kids spend a whole year in organizing their special day. Their birthday is their day to shine, when he or she is the star of the show and their friends join them to celebrate another year. Especialy for girls birthdays in young age means a lot. They feel that day like ther “ own , special “ day when they are princess and all they have to do is to SHINE.

vestido para festa de 1 ano

Little girl birthday dresses from Brazil

All the kids want special party but girls are more into it, so organizing it si something different, every kind of special event including special dress (Royal princess ball with fairy tale crafts, glittery cupcakes and princess gowns, lego party, karaoke contest, minnie mouse party, frozen party, Barbie etc.. ) For example:

Princess party Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess with a tiara and beautiful ball gown. With real costumes for girl and all her friends can join to dress up as their favourite princess for the day, including castle so the kids’ imaginations govern their play. More about the princess birthday dresses you can see in this Brazilian blog – where they say ‘vestido de festa infantil princesa‘ – in the Portuguese language.

Frozen fever If a girl is into Frozen fever then host a Frozen themed birthday party. Today is easy to make Frozen party decorations including Frozen birthday cake.

Princesses are for girls and superheroes are for boys. Pink and blue might be the easiest things to rail against, but they’re far from the only things that serve as gender markers for children.

If a child is older, then you can choose from any type of little girls birthday dresses that fits the occasion. For a girl skirt and blouse or sundress for this affair. And birthday party is different, nothing lights up kid’s face like their own birthday or when they are invited to their friend’s birthday parties. They keep on planning for what to wear on that very day. For them, attending birthday parties is supposed to be a wonderful day and they desire to shine in their own style on that day. In this way, they can choose the latest skirts, shirts, dresses, coats, sweaters and party costumes of their own choice.

Superheroes allow kids to dare, to express brave parts of themselves. They also teach children to acknowledge their vulnerabilities and limits as elements that make them unique; the message is that being different is a plus. This is very important because it is what help kids stay grounded without getting lost in an imaginary world. Identifying with these characters, in fact, doesn’t have to become a getaway from reality but has to remain a fantasy that is helpful for coping with reality and accepting it, also with its flaws. Kids can look up to and learn from superheroes because outside of their costumes they are real people with real problems and vulnerabilities.

Most people love to give clothes as gifts for kids. It is in fact a very good idea since clothes are necessities and at the same time, there are many cute designs like camo clothes to choose from. Everyone should know that buying clothes you need to consider not only style but also a lot more like :

Comfort – the very first thing that you should be concerned about is the comfort of the child.

Functionality – of course, everyone should also consider the funcionality of the clothes that you are buying

Proper Size – it is also very important to consider the appropriate size of the child clothes that you are buying.

Buttons, Snaps and Bows , Seasonal Clothing , Style …

Lower-income families spent an average of $28 per month on clothes(ages 0 to 2) in 2007, while teens in similar income-earning families saw an average $52 per month in clothing allowances. Upper-class families allocated an average of $44 per month to infant and toddler clothing in the same year and $78 to teen clothing allowances.

Both types of making clothes have its own shortcomings that make it suitable only for a certain number of people. Hand-made clothing may not be desired by people who are not willing to spend a lot of money on clothing. One can only consider wearing it if one has enough time on hand so as to make it, or making it is a profession for the wearer.

Machine made clothes may cause fitting problems, as unlike hand-made clothes they are made to fit thousands of people. Majority of the times, people have to be content with what is in front of them and not get to decide what they wear.

One of the biggest advantages of hand-made clothes is that they are environment friendly. Since they are not made with the help of machines, there are hardly any chances of water, energy, land, and other natural resources getting wasted. No toxic chemicals are released into land, air, or water..

The children’s safety is always number one priority.  We’re always quick to assess the risk for day to day activities, but don’t often properly analyse the issues and potential risks around something that comes into contact with them 24 Hours a day 7 Days a Week – their clothing. Clothing can be dangerous for children in a variety of ways such as flammability, drawstrings, choking hazards, in addition to a host of other safety issues. So what are the key Safety issues to consider when buying clothes and what can you do to safeguard against any potential risks. – Flammability, Drawstrings, Choking Hazards, Shoelaces, backpacks, zips. There are several tell-tale signs to look out for when choosing clothing for your children to ensure their safety, as well tips for avoiding unnecessary strains on their body. There are many ways in which we can over complicate how we choose our child’s clothing. However, if you spend the time to assess the items you can rest easy that your child will be safe whatever they wear.

Children’s Dresses for Birthday Parties

Planning your child’s birthday? Well, a lot could go wrong, a lot could also go as perfectly planned. One thing you would definitely want to get right is the dress your princess should wear to the occasion.

Growing up, children come to look-up to some of their heroes growing up. Unbelievably, fairy tales have a way with kids. To them, the world is a place of wonder and magic, hence, the need to relate to the happily ever after tales.

Their inspiration is usually sourced from animated movies like Frozen, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Notice anything similar with these movies? Well, let’s just say that the white dress ensemble is found in each of these movies. Oh, and who can forget the infectious tunes on them? No one! Your loved one has probably sang herself silly multiple time in front of the mirror singing “Let it Go” about a gazillion times now.

Occasions to Dress Up

Pretty dresses on birthdays are quint-essential. Every girl in the world wants to feel special, just like her favorite animated characters. You should go all the way during such occasions. There’s no harm in adding a couple of extras like a crown and braids to go with the look.

Weddings are special too; young girls fantasize about prince charming stories from a young age. They dream about everything, and truthfully, they have every right to. A brightly colored dress should do for such occasions, that way; they will stand out and feel the occasion suits them. Beautiful children’s dresses can also be ordered from other countries, such as Brazil for example. They create wonderful dresses for the first anniversary – they say vestido de luxo infantil – and you can buy online quickly and easily. Other example? Look this.

vestido infantil de festa

Baby girl dresses for first birthday

Graduation parties and family outings usually involve lots of walking at times. Thus, you should think about the kind of dresses your loved ones should wear. A long dress could hinder their relatively constant motion during such times. No one wants a young girl tripping over and injuring herself at any time really. Oh, and the drama that might ensue! A definite no, no really. Children naturally tend to want to run about and play all sorts of games with other children, thus, it would be advisable to bring on board a dress that allows them to flex.

The Where and How to Buy Dresses

It’s the new age. The internet is all the rage these days. Thus, we would recommend you checking out a couple of online sellers before making a purchase. It’s easier actually, since you can simply flip out your mobile device and have a look at what items are on offer.

As with all things on the internet, we would caution you to be careful on which websites to buy from. There are lots of cons out there masquerading as reliable, even when they are not. You should probably go for a website whose delivery and reputation has not been tainted. A good example would be stores like Amazon that offer prompt deliveries.

When making the decision on where to source the dresses, we would recommend choosing a seller who offers a fair price. Fancy dresses are not daily wear and as such, if you could save a little on anything, why wouldn’t you? Then again, a balance should be stricken, fair price for a fairly pretty dress right? Definitely!

A seller’s reputation is everything in the contemporary times. You can check out how other buyers have reviewed items they have purchased online. This can be by having a look at the comments section, the forums and even through word of mouth. Parents love to share tips with other parents and as such, we are certain their word is bond.

Handmade Clothes vs. Industrialized Clothes

What’s the difference really? Well, there’s lots of it. Industrialized clothes obviously have the upper due to automation involved in the production process really. There are industries whose prime focus is to employ people skilled in specific niches of cloth production. This is done to ensure that time is saved and that there is maximum efficiency.

With homemade clothes, it’s usually just an individual going solo. Making the seams, zips, sewing this, adjusting that, everything really. Then again, there is that comfy feeling you get when you adorn homemade garments. Comfortable is an understatement.

So, why would you really pick industrialized clothes over homemade clothes? It’s down to a matter of preference. Industrialized clothes have the allure of having that ‘brand new smell’ and the fine trims further enhance the look. Then again, the crisp look never does last past the first wash does it?

There’s also a considerable advantage of purchasing industrialized clothes due to convenience. Homemade fittings usually take time to make whilst industrialized clothes can be a click away; you know, with all the door-to-door deliveries now possible due to technology enhancement.

We should however point out that all clothes are essentially hand made in a way. It’s just that the location differs, and of course, the expertise employed. Assembling any dress would take ages even in a factory if one person were to do it. However, there’s specialization employed to save resources and time and as such, numerous employees are usually taken on board.

So, what’s it going to be? Homemade or industrial? You decide!

vestido infantil para festa

Birthday dresses for little girl

Safety Issues in Children’s Clothing

  1. Flammability

Fire safety is of essence due to its seriousness. Should clothes catch fire instantaneously, they could leave some serious wounds on children’s. You would not want that happening. It is thus important to make sure that clothes you purchase follow the right safety guidelines for children.

  1. Choking Hazards

Children tend to put things in their mouths. It’s part of our hardwired DNA to explore the world when we are young. Thus, you should ensure that their clothes don’t have detachable pieces that could pose a harm to them. The younger children are, the more likely they are to consume almost everything on impulse. In such scenarios, it would be practical to purchase outfits lacking tiny pieces instead of being fashion conscious. Putting your child in harm’s way is not recommended.

  1. Drawstrings

Strangulation hazards are usually in hooded sweatshirts and jackets around the neck regions. It would be advisable not to purchase garments with neck-area drawstrings or simply just removing them from children clothing items.

Parting Shot

Children love to have fun. That should be the paramount consideration when purchasing their dresses. To please your daughter, make sure it is attractive as much as it would, like eye-candy, as a parent, always have in mind the safety precautions to take. A win-win for everyone would be awesome wouldn’t it?

Factors to consider when purchasing a dress for your daughter’s first birthday

Everyone loves kids and welcoming a new baby is something fascinating and emotional not only for the parents but also for the other family members. Form the day the blessing of the baby reaches their arms; the parents start thinking and planning for the first birthday party for the child either intentionally or unintentionally. The first birthdays of the children are the most memorable ones in the entire life.

Vestido infantil de festa

Dresses Peppa Pig from Brazil (You can say: ‘Vestido da Peppa Pig’)

Party Dresses for Little Girl

Party Dresses

But why is the first birthday so important?

All the parents make their best efforts to make the first birthday of their kid memorable. For this, they try to shop for the best ideas, unique decorations and above all a dress that would be a memorable treat for the rest of their lives and mark a stunning impact on their child’s memory as well.

So the dress is the most important thing for the big evening

When we talk about the dresses, we find that the baby girls find so many options for the birthday parties for the dresses that the boys can easily envy them. No doubt that the little girls, dressed up beautifully, making the whole party look like a magical one with their beautiful presence. But selecting the perfect dress for your little princess could be a challenge for the parents.

Why I have to be so careful in making the selection?

If you are shopping for the dress for your little girl’s first birthday online, the then chances are that you are going to get attracted to several articles you will see there. But you have to be very careful in making the right selection as a one year child is very sensitive and you have to be very careful in making the right choice. Since it’s your kid’s big day, therefore you have to make sure that the child feels comfortable and enjoys being in the dress. Choosing a very sophisticated dress that is too heavy for the kid to carry is something that will rest in tantrums during the cake cutting rather than those beautiful smiles preserved by the camera for decades to come.

Since the baby dresses are the real masterpieces and you just wish to grab every one for your little girl, but the haste could result in picking the wrong dress and regretting it for the rest of your life. So, take a deep breath, plan what you wish to buy and then work according to it.

Tips to select the most amazing birthday dress for your daughter’s first birthday

To make sure that you buy the perfect dress for your baby girl, here we have gathered the tips that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the ideal dress for her first birthday. Following these tips, you will be able to buy the dress that everyone is going to love, and your baby will feel comfortable with. So let’s get started with the tips.

  1. Go for something unique

Since it’s the special day for your kid, you have to put in some extra effort to make it super special for her. Since the children will be attending the party with your girl, you have to make sure that you kid stands apart from the rest as all the kids would be dressed up beautifully. You must strive to choose a dress that goes well with your baby’s look and enhances merely her beauty. For the case of girls, the princess dresses make them look wonderful. As the kid would grow, she would be deciding her dresses herself, but now it’s the time for you. Try picking some tutu dress or a princess dress that would enhance her beauty. Adding a crown and fairy feathers to her back could make her look heavenly. So take your time to browse for the best outfit for your little princess.


  1. Choose the perfect size

Make sure that you do not compromise at all for the kid’s ideal size. It could happen that you would find a suitable dress for the child that you would suddenly fall in love with, but since the size is not appropriate, you will have to leave it. Compromising on the size could kill the looks of your baby girl all of a sudden. A very small dress will make her feel squeaky while a very large sized dress is going to make her look shabby. So go for the right size for the big day.


  1. Choose the fabric wisely

The most important factor to consider when picking the appropriate dress for your girls’ first birthday party is choosing the fabric with care. The fabric of the dress is going to make direct interaction with your child’s skin. If the fabric is too rough, it is going to make your kid’s skin get irritated. On the other hand, too silky stuff could also be allergic. So consider the child’s behavior to certain fabrics and then choose the one for her since the most important thing is the child’s health. What you can do is to buy a matching underdress for the baby so that the fabric does not make direct interaction with the child.


  1. Accessorize with care

The dressing of the girls for the birthday party is incomplete without the accessories, and when it’s your birthday, you need the accessories the best. But be careful in the selection of the accessories as well, a child this young as one year old does not need dangling earing, an arm full of bangles and a heavy necklace. You can choose one or two things to complete the look. A beautiful and lovely headband and matching pretty shoes could be sufficient for the baby. So make a choice wisely.

Little Girl Birthday dress

Baby Minnie Mouse Dresses

Foreign children’s fashion have many good ideas. In Brazil we find some lovely options for young girls up to 7 years of age. Take for example this beautiful baby dress – the Brazilians say: vestido de bebe. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is comfortable and based on organic cotton and the print is specially designed to celebrate the birthday party.

Little girl birthday dresses

Little girl birthday dresses

Do you know the fashion of such a father as a daughter? Take the time to take a look. We hope that you come out with the most jaw-dropping dress for your little princess and make her birthday a memorable one for her and you. Happy birthday little princess!


How to get matching shirts for daddy and son or daughter

Clothes say a lot about who you are. Thus, they can be used to capture an emotion or a bond. One of such is the bond between a father and his son. Whether it is on father’s day, birthdays or other special days, you can use some father and son matching shirts to capture this bond. There are literally countless designs for this clothing combination. They are available online at dedicated clothing sites. These sets come in combinations featuring a shirt for daddy and a shirt for the son. They can also take the form of a shirt for the daddy and a bodysuit for the son. Here is more about these types of clothes and even a surprise addition.

Daddy and Daughter matching shirt

Daddy and Daughter

Some design descriptions of baby dad matching clothes

Traditionally, dad and son shirts had the names “Dad” and “Son” printed on them. While this was popular and communicated the message clearly, designers have become more creative with this clothing match up. Nowadays, the concept of dad and son is expressed in other words. For example, you can find shirt combinations such as “Big Dipper” and “Little Dipper”, “Biggie” and “Smalls” as well as “Super Dad” and “Sidekick” shirts.

Some other design combinations of dad baby shirts include “Need Beer” and “Need milk” shirts, “The Original” and “The Mixtape” shirts as well as “Big Man” and “Lil Man” shirts. When shopping for shirt combinations for your dad or partner, it is always a good idea to go with the more creative options such as these. They can be found in websites such as

Matching clothes Dad and son

Matching clothes Dad and son

Discover some father daughter matching shirts

Did you know that the bond between dads and their daughters can also be celebrated through shirt combinations? There are clothing father matching daughter designs that celebrate this relationship. Traditional prints simply read “Daddy” and “Daughter”. Today, designers have got creative and print “King” and “Princess” shirts, “Big Man” and “Little Lady” shirts as well as “The Boss” and “The Real Boss” shirts. They creative options are better picks when you want to celebrate this bond too.

We looked for some ideas on the Web and found something very peculiar in Brazilian fashion and here is what we found  – people say in Brazil: “Vestido de Festa Infantil  ‘Little Girl Birthday Dresses’ “.

Shirts Matching for Dad and Babies

Shirts for Dad and Baby

The relationship between fathers and their sons or daughters can be celebrated in many ways. One of these is by getting matching outfits. These outfits are described above. There are some for daddy and son while others are for daddy and daughter.


Dressing Your Daughter And Not Messing Up – A Guide For Dads

You and your little princess will always have a special bond and no man (or woman) will ever be able to take that away from you. Nurturing that bond is of vital importance and the first step in that process is for you to never embarrass her (unless it’s with dad jokes in which case it is fine). If you don’t want to embarrass your daughter, you will need to know how to pick out her outfits. This is a lot harder and a lot easier than it sounds at the same time.
Match clothing dad and daughter

Match clothing dad and daughter

Matching dad daughter t-shirts are something that you and your daughter will always remember. In 10 years time you will still be able to say: “Remember when we wore those matching t-shirts?” and laugh about it. Matching t-shirts for you as the dad and your new-born is not just for laughs. It is a viable fashion statement and there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Fashion has progressed to the point where dad and daughter t-shirts follow certain rules of fashion. The t-shirts should always be of appropriate size. Don’t buy the t-shirts for you and your daughter just because you liked them. Make sure that they fit.
Clothing match dad and daughter

Clothing match dad and daughter

If you do decide to go for shirts that have a movie reference for instance (I am your father/daddy’s little princess) show the movie to your daughter first. Wearing matching t-shirts in not only about the father or the daughter, it is something that you should both be able to enjoy. When a dad is matching a shirt with his new-born baby, it is more about the two of you connecting than anything else.
Dad and newborn
You can pick anything that makes you feel like your daughter is your twin and not your daughter. When you are buying matching t-shirts to wear with your little girl, it is also about bonding with her but also more than that. People will look at you and your daughter should never be ashamed of you. Pick the t-shirts together with her and pick something that is fashionable

Four Simple Ways To Wear A Check Shirt

Not many people find it easy to dress up in checked shirts in as much as they love them. Out of the many that wear them, there are also those that do not know how to wear them excellently and in the right way. These four major tips will help you wear your checks like a pro. Here are 4 tips to help you wear your checked shirt:

  1. Wear With An Undershirt

The perfect undershirt for this dressing code will be a plain white shirt. With this look, you will never go wrong. It is simple and shows forth a great sense of casual style. Roll up your sleeves and undo the buttons and leave it hanging. Pair it up with a great pair of jeans and shoes. There is an edge to this look, and that is why it never goes out of style. With those designer sunglasses, you will be the embodiment of style. It is a perfect look for hanging out with your friends at any time of the day.

  1. Leave The Tie

A great suit can be perfectly complete with or without a tie. In this case, you can wear your checked shirt without a tie. You will still look smart, elegant, neat, and sophisticated. It also forms a great look for an occasion that is not too formal. It is also an excellent style that will look great with or without a coat. Therefore, when the heat strikes in the afternoon, you do not have to survive under the heat because you cannot take off your coat. It is not so restrictive yet so attractive.

  1. Large Checks Versus Small Checks

It is crucial that you note the kind of checks that you are working with. This will guide you to decide what checked shirt to wear on what occasion. The shirt with smaller checks is perfect for occasions that call you to be smarter and a little formal. On the other hand, larger checks are excellent for that casual and fun look. This casual look can be paired with skinny jeans while the smaller checks can be checks can be paired with a suit. Both looks are exquisite and very stylish.

  1. Layering It With A Hoodie And A Jacket

This is a perfect combination for that cold winter weather. You can dress warmly and stylish at the same time. Put on a woolen hoodie, wear your checked shirt, and put on a jacket. This is a lovely way to bring an edge to this look as well as add a great pattern. To top the look up, you should put on an excellent pair of boots. Note that you should have an oversized shirt so that it can fit over the hoodie with ease. You can add a pair of sunglasses that matches your jacket for as a final touch.

When you incorporate these tips, you will achieve a breathtaking look that is admired by everyone. Checks are here to stay, so you must learn how to wear them correctly and in a more stylish way.

Five Amazing Ways To Wear A White T-Shirt

It is very difficult to go wrong with a white t-shirt. Even so, there are instances when you will take for granted a few things and you end up with a look that is nothing close to stylish, elegant, and classy. Avoid such instances with the following tips.  

  1. Wear It With A Jacket

When you pick a bomber jacket and pair it up with a crew neck, you can never go wrong. It is a simple look but very stylish. You should ensure that the shirt fits right by choosing a slim fit or a skinny fit. This is an effortless look and you can, rock it on any occasion. You can play around with your look by choosing jackets with different colors rather than the same old color you have.

  1. Pair It Up With A Blazer

If you think blazers will go out of fashion, then you will be waiting for a long time. A plain white t-shirt with a blazer will always be a winning look. For this look, always go for the v-neck rather than the crew neck. If the blazer is the same color as the pants, the contrast will even be better.

  1. Get It Printed

If wearing a plain white t-shirt becomes monotonous for you, break the monotony by having it printed. Even so, remember that minimum can be a lot. Therefore, do not crowd your shirt with texts and images. Keep it simple. Wear this t-shirt with a pair of jeans and throw on that perfect pair of casual shoes and you are ready.

  1. Wear It With A Checked Shirt

Well, you may think it is old-fashioned, but it works. Wear your plain white t-shirt and throw a checked shirt over it to add an edge to it. This keeps things casual and fun. Ensure that the checked shirt is bold enough to make a statement. The t-shirt should fit perfectly, but the dress shirt can be a little loose. Therefore, ensure that you achieve a perfect balance.

  1. Wear It With A Pair of Shorts

Whether it’s a pair of denim shorts or any other designer shorts, a white t-shirt will always be a perfect match. It portrays a fun, laid-back mood. It is an excellent casual look, especially for that warm weather. Put on some sunglasses, and you will look like a fairy-tale character. This is a good thing. With this look, you will never be on the wrong side of fashion history. It is stylish, sophisticated but at the same time simple and straightforward. Add some casual designer shoes, and you will rock the entire neighborhood.

Wearing a white t-shirt is easy, but with these tips, you will take your look to greater heights. These are just simple tips to ensure that you look elegant and sophisticated in as much as it is a casual look. Any day is a great day to display your sense of fashion.

Everything To Know About Dress Shirts

Men are greatly embracing dress shirts all over the world. They are gorgeous, and they know how to flatter a person’s look. Unlike other shirts, the dress shirt is specifically designed to be worn with a coat and a tie without which it will look awkward.

The Perfect Fit

Always go for the dress shirt that is the perfect size for your body. This is a dress shirt that is comfortable on all body parts. When you have buttoned the neck area, at least two fingers should fit in. The sleeves should not be too long because it will make the shirt look buggy. The shoulders, waist, and the stomach should be well fitted.

The Color Of The Dress Shirt

Choosing the color of the dress shirt is also a very vital aspect of dress shirts. Always go for colors that will compliment you’re your skin tone and make it more beautiful. The safest colors are usually blue and white. Other than these, you can also experiment with other colors like pink, purple, red, and the rest.

The Fabric

Many fabrics are used to make dress shirts. These fabrics range from seersucker, herringbone, poplin, Oxford, broadcloth, cotton, among others. All these fabrics have different properties and are of different prices. These are the most commonly used fabrics in the market.

The Pattern

Dress shirts are made more interesting by incorporating patterns. Patterns add an edge to a dress shirt as well as elegance. A solid shirt will have no patterns but is equally as powerful as a patterned dress shirt. You can also have striped dress shirts and also checked dress shirt. All these patterns bring out the perfection of a dress shirt.

The Cuffs Design

There are two primary cuffs design, and they are French cuffs and button cuffs. The button cuffs will typically wrap around your arm and have buttons to secure it in place. On the other hand, French cuffs will be folded back and secured with cufflinks in place. It is the most preferred cuffs design in this current generation.

The Collar Design

The design of the collar can either be pointed or spread. A point collar will typically have closer collar points, and this is the design for many dress shirts. The angle of the collar is approximately less than 600. The spread collar will typically reveal a lot of the shirt area in the neck area. The angle is typically more than 900.  This is a perfect choice for anyone with a long shaped face.

The Buttons

This may seem like the least of your worries, but it is brilliant to also take note of them. There are many designs used like those that have four holes and those with two. They also come in different shapes like a flower, circular, square, and so on. Buttons are made of plastic material that is strong. There are also those made from pearls. 

The Back Style

Check out if the back of the dress shirt has a pleat or lacks one. The ones that have are differentiated using the type of pleat and the location.

These are some of the things that you should know and be mindful of when dealing with dress shirts. They will form a perfect guide for purchasing one.