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Everything To Know About Dress Shirts

Men are greatly embracing dress shirts all over the world. They are gorgeous, and they know how to flatter a person’s look. Unlike other shirts, the dress shirt is specifically designed to be worn with a coat and a tie without which it will look awkward.

The Perfect Fit

Always go for the dress shirt that is the perfect size for your body. This is a dress shirt that is comfortable on all body parts. When you have buttoned the neck area, at least two fingers should fit in. The sleeves should not be too long because it will make the shirt look buggy. The shoulders, waist, and the stomach should be well fitted.

The Color Of The Dress Shirt

Choosing the color of the dress shirt is also a very vital aspect of dress shirts. Always go for colors that will compliment you’re your skin tone and make it more beautiful. The safest colors are usually blue and white. Other than these, you can also experiment with other colors like pink, purple, red, and the rest.

The Fabric

Many fabrics are used to make dress shirts. These fabrics range from seersucker, herringbone, poplin, Oxford, broadcloth, cotton, among others. All these fabrics have different properties and are of different prices. These are the most commonly used fabrics in the market.

The Pattern

Dress shirts are made more interesting by incorporating patterns. Patterns add an edge to a dress shirt as well as elegance. A solid shirt will have no patterns but is equally as powerful as a patterned dress shirt. You can also have striped dress shirts and also checked dress shirt. All these patterns bring out the perfection of a dress shirt.

The Cuffs Design

There are two primary cuffs design, and they are French cuffs and button cuffs. The button cuffs will typically wrap around your arm and have buttons to secure it in place. On the other hand, French cuffs will be folded back and secured with cufflinks in place. It is the most preferred cuffs design in this current generation.

The Collar Design

The design of the collar can either be pointed or spread. A point collar will typically have closer collar points, and this is the design for many dress shirts. The angle of the collar is approximately less than 600. The spread collar will typically reveal a lot of the shirt area in the neck area. The angle is typically more than 900.  This is a perfect choice for anyone with a long shaped face.

The Buttons

This may seem like the least of your worries, but it is brilliant to also take note of them. There are many designs used like those that have four holes and those with two. They also come in different shapes like a flower, circular, square, and so on. Buttons are made of plastic material that is strong. There are also those made from pearls. 

The Back Style

Check out if the back of the dress shirt has a pleat or lacks one. The ones that have are differentiated using the type of pleat and the location.

These are some of the things that you should know and be mindful of when dealing with dress shirts. They will form a perfect guide for purchasing one.

A Man’s Guide To Dress Shirt Color & Pattern

There is a level of beauty, elegance, and sophistication that comes with putting on a dress shirt with great colors and patterns. Even so, it calls for a level of skills and fashion intelligence which is something that many people may get wrong. But once you get it right, you are set to be the person of interest for many.  

Let The Dress Shirt Be The Focal Point

When you are putting on a dress shirt with a solid color or patterns, let it be the only thing that people need to focus on. This is especially if you are new to this. You can pair the dress shirt up with neutral colors that will not steal the attention from the dress shirt. This will bring its beauty to the forefront and make it stand out even more. .

What Is Your Scale?

Typically, patterns will vary depending on the scales. There are those with big scales while others have small scales. Smaller scales are easier to wear and to pair them up with clothing of other patterns as well as solid colors. This is as compared to larger scales which may make our look to be a little too much and not in a good way.

Bold And Solid Colors

Many people like to play safe with colors, and the safest dress shirt color includes blue and white. However, you can go further and wear pink and lavender. In case your teeth are stained avoid brilliant white colors because they highlight your teeth when you smile. If you go for bold colors, pair it up nicely with a black suit to be safe. It will also give off a brilliant contrast. Above everything else, consider the occasion that you are attending. Is it work or a social gathering?

What About The Tie?

If you are wearing a bold color and you want to wear a tie, you have to find a tie that has a similar color for the background. For instance, if you choose a light pink dress shirt, ensure that the smallest strip to for the tie is light pink and the same shade. Also, if your shirt is patterned and the scales are small, wear a tie with a pattern that is bold. Do the exact opposite for larger scale and the contrast brought out will be excellent.

 Always Start Small

As you are still getting used to wearing solid colors and patterns, ensure that you do not try to incorporate everything in the first day. Star with a small scale pattern with a solid suit. Then move up the scale by integrating other patterned clothing to your look as you get better and better at it. When mixing patterns, ensure that you mix small-scale patterns with large-scale patterns for better contrast.

Avoid Two Similar Bold Patterns With The Same Scale

This is a fashion mistake that will make your entire outfit look too busy. It is not pleasing to the eye and does not show off a great contrast. In this line also, do not put on two different bold patterns with the same scale. This will result in both items of clothes trying to compete for attention and therefore messing the outlook.

Try these tips, and you will have an easier time wearing your dress shirt with color and patterns. Let your dressing bring the best out of you every time.

Colors That Look Great When Paired With Brown Pants

Brown is the trendiest in-season color right now. Try a completely new and classy look by adding some brown shades to your closet. It can be as versatile as black when it comes to pairing up. Here is a guide to find the perfect pair for your brown pants!

Red And Oranges

You must be surprised at my very first suggestion! But you read it right, red and brown can be a quirky combination to team up with brown for informal events. Color play can be simplest thing if you understand how to add just the right amount of any shade to your attire.

Red and oranges run along one after the other in the color palette. Light shades of red and oranges will make a great match for dark browns. Similarly the darker shades of red and oranges can be teamed up with shades close to beige (pale brown). I recommend to go for matte look fabrics rather than the shiny or silky ones when choosing these bright colors.

Yellow And Greens

A pant or a skirt with the darkest shade of brown is a must have in your closet this season. If you have a skirt then try to look for pastel shades yellow or green tops. Detailings like minimal embroidery, tying threads or deep back cuts will add elegance to the look.

You can also choose a formal shirt in the pastel shade to wear with the brown pants for official events. You can easily carry this look through your work routine. Stay away from fluorescent or brighter shades of yellow and greens for formal wears.

White And Creams

White tops dilutes will with any color bottoms. You can find a wide variations in the types of white shirts you can buy. All of them will fit perfectly well with brown pants. Be it party, office event, or date nights a classy white shirt and a brown pant will be an instant hit.

Cream colored tops will mostly go well for all the women out there. If you can pull up the charm and carry it off with great confidence men can also take a chance. Experimenting with your closet is definitely a fun thing to do.

Last But Not The Least, Beige And Browns!

You can also team up with different shades of brown itself with a brown pant. This can be risky but totally worth it if you get the look right. Make sure that you do not make the whole affair an overdose of brown.

Beige will look great with dark shades of brown. If you have a dark brown shirt then look for beige shade bottoms. Keep the color intensity minimal for this combination to put together a perfect look.

At the end of the day, all of it comes down to how well you will carry the entire look. Wear your confidence like a crown and flaunt the new shades in your wardrobe!