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A Guide to Perfect Pant and Shirt Combination

The first thing that most of the women notice about men is their dressing sense. Men with an interesting dressing sense are always a delight. To take your style game to the next level here is a complete guide to the perfect pant and shirt combination you must choose!

Play The Color Game Right

Choosing the right color shirt for a pant is dressing up half done! If you match a bad pair of shirt and pant then nothing will help to lift your style game up. You can usually team up at least 4-5 shirts for any given pant. The most opted color for bottoms are the shades of blue, black, khaki and grey. They are the perfect colors if you want to play safe. If you like to experiment then you can also go for brighter shades like red, purple and yellow.

You can wear any random color shirt with a perfect black tone pants. Choose dark colors like navy blue, purple, red, and maroon for a grey or khaki pants. You can wear lighter shades of green, yellow, beige and pink with blue pants. A plain white shirt is the best choice for any bright shade pants.

Matching The Prints And Patterns

Classics like a multi color checkered shirt, a plain white shirt, a plain black shirt, a denim shirt are a must have in your wardrobe. Your outfit must not have too much or too little of prints. A monotony of plain shirts and pants will bring in boredom. So you must definitely add the right amount of classy or funky patterns depending on the occasions.

Stripes and checks are the top choice for an office look. Make sure only either of your pant or shirt will have a pattern. You might need some extra oz of confidence to carry a striped pant look. For informal events you can try different types of prints trending in the market. If you have a soft corner for traditional kurtis then do not miss to try the kalamkari and bandhni prints.

Fabric Care For Comfort

Never compromise with your comfort to stay in the trend game. Trends will change very often so comfort is what you should primarily stick to. By trying different kinds of fabrics you will know which one is best for you. You can add the best ones to your priority list. The same goes with the design of your shirts and pants.

And also you need to keep in mind that all types of shirt fabrics will not suit with every fabric pant. Usually a denim pant is the most versatile one. You can team it up with cotton, linen, denim or any other type of shirt. Khakis pants look the best with cotton or mixed woolen shirts. Linen pants and linen shirts make a great pair especially for parties and functions.

Men these days are shattering the myth which said only women are shopaholics and tend to worry about their looks. Add few more great combinations to your closet by following the above article!